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Active, \'ak-tiv| 1: characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation <an active life>

Active Knowledge is the realization of a simple concept. Life is activity.  Whether it be cycling, swimming, running, hiking or yoga, we believe activity infinitely improves the quality of your Life.

"This site is dedicated to the proposition that one simple step at a time can improve your life. Be Active. Please check out our web-site and let us know what you think!"

Stephen Williamson

Mission Statement
Our mission is to utilize cycling and multi-sports as a unique educational tool to develop young athletes intellectually, physically and socially. We will support their individual development and growth as positive contributing members of the community.  Additionally, our goal with all ages is to educate them mentally and physically through activities, adventures, and trips. We will use the planet earth as our playground.

Core Values

        A    -    Achievement
        C    -    Community
        T    -    Teamwork
        I     -     Integrity
        V    -    Values
        E    -    Environment

- Building character through commitment which reinforces self discipline and hard work.  Fostering leadership by allowing the older and more experienced athletes to mentor younger, less experienced team members.
Community - Giving back the community through community service projects, participation in charity functions, and offering scholarships.  Act as an ambassador for cycling and multi sports by educating others and promoting athletes.
Teamwork - Providing friendships, confidence, respect and appropriate role models.  Working unselfishly and productively as members of a team.
Integrity - Developing high moral principles and professional standards.
Values - Promoting loyalty, good sportsmanship, courtesy, and trustworthiness. Promoting lifelong healthy nutrition and guidance through participation in sports.  Advancing a healthy lifestyle as a family-oriented, lifelong activity.
Environment - Practicing and promoting environmental responsibility. Learning how to ride safely on roads, trails, and tracks. Educating and practicing living green.